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Mark Posen

Mark C J Posen B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., C.Eng., MIEEE, MIET

Managing Director and Principal Engineer

Mark Posen has over 40 years of professional experience in the satellite telecommunications industry. Prior to going into the private consulting business, Mark Posen was an engineering manager with British Telecom where he held a number of posts including Head of Satellite Systems Consulting Group and Satellites and Lines Development Advisor.

In more than 32 years full-time professional consulting, he has specialised in providing to his clients engineering support, software and training in matters mainly relating to the ITU Radio Regulations and to the frequency coordination of satellite networks. He has worked on a wide range of satellite projects and has been responsible for supporting the frequency coordination of projects including the THURAYA, TONGASAT, YAHSAT, ST (SingTel), HELLAS-SAT, KYPROS-SAT, VINASAT, RAPIDEYE, PETROSAT, REDSAT and SWANSAT satellite networks.

Mark regularly attends ITU and regional meetings supporting the development of spectrum policy and the international radio regulations. He estimates that he has attended more than 100 satellite frequency coordination meetings and been responsible for in excess of 70 ITU satellite filings.

Robert Page

Robert Page B.Sc.

Senior Engineer and Software Manager

Robert Page is responsible for providing assistance and support in RPC's consulting projects with emphasis on frequency coordination, regulatory processes and developing software to support a range of telecommunications studies and activities.

He graduated with a honours degree in Mathematics and has 23 years experience supporting the consulting activities of RPC and is responsible for the development and on-going work on the Sat-Coord suite of software tools as well as a number of other software tools.

Norbert Schroeder

Norbert Schröder Dipl. Ing(FH), MBA

Senior Engineer

Norbert Schröder has over 32 years of professional experience on a world-wide basis in the satellite telecommunications industry, acquired by working for, among others, Inmarsat and SES.

He is very experienced in the filing and frequency coordination of satellite networks and related studies like orbital arc analysis and feasibility studies. He is well acquainted with international and national regulation and landing rights. He is an expert on the Radio Regulations and associated procedures of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Vik Teumohenga

Vik Teumohenga

Senior Engineer