About RPC Telecommunications Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.

RPC Telecom Asia Pacific was founded in 2005 by Mark C J Posen, Managing Director of RPC Telecommunications Limited in the UK, and Australia-based Vik Teumohenga, a former engineer at Tongasat (Friendly Islands Satellite Communications Limited). Mark and Vik established RPC Telecom Asia Pacific in order to better promote UK-based RPC Telecom’s business in the Asia Pacific region.

RPC Telecom Asia Pacific has carried out satellite communications consulting assignments and organised training courses in the Asia Pacific region, including our well-regarded Satellite Communications Masterclasses.

Please contact us using one of the following methods:

Telephone: +61 8 8283 0138
Fax: +61 8 8311 5256
Email: info@rpctelecom.com.au
Post: Mr. Vik Teumohenga, Managing Director
RPC Telecommunications Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
P. O. Box 391 St Agnes
South Australia 5097

RPC Telecom Asia Pacific is an associate company to RPC Telecom in the UK. A separate legal entity registered in Australia under ABN 44 114 501 978, RPC Telecommunications Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd. sells RPC Telecommunications Limited products and services in the Asia Pacific region under licence from RPC Telecommunications Limited. All links on this page are to RPC Telecommunications Limited in the UK.