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ITU Satellite Network Slot Identification and Regulatory Filing

Satellite projects may succeed or fail based on whether or not they have access to usable spectrum at a coordinated orbit slot. Therefore getting this initial stage of the project right is of critical importance.

For more than 20 years RPC Telecom has been identifying orbit slots for clients in order to maximise their chances of coordination success and then preparing the necessary ITU regulatory filings to initiate the process of securing the identified slots and spectrum for the client.

ITU Filing Congestion

“SlotFinder” Methodology

Finding a slot for a new satellite project is not a straightforward task. The geostationary satellite arc is already crowded with operational satellites, especially in the crowded commercial C and Ku-Bands. Additionally there are large numbers of satellite filings going through the ITU coordination process.

Since the ITU, in most frequency bands, works on a “priority date” driven “first-come-first-served” basis, the operator of any new filing must seek agreement from the operators of earlier filed networks which might be affected by unacceptable interference.

The decision about choosing a new slot to make a filing is thus a complicated one, and it is necessary to take into account both the actual in-orbit situation of real satellites, the planned satellites which may be implemented in the future and the ITU filing situation.

RPC Telecom has developed “SlotFinder”, a proprietary methodology which aims to find slots for new client projects by taking into account all these factors, and assessing the risks associated with the use of particular slots across the arc being studied, thereby finding slots which can be filed with the minimum risk of blocking by other projects.

RPC Telecom’s “SlotFinder” methodology has been successfully applied on behalf of our clients to identify slots which have then gone on to be used to make ITU filings and to support operational satellites.

Making ITU Filings

Making ITU Filings

Having identified the optimum slots to support the ITU filings, RPC Telecom supports our clients to make and submit the regulatory filings to ITU. Using a well-tested methodology we can quickly develop the necessary technical description to enable the filing to be rapidly constructed, captured using the ITU’s electronic tools and then submitted to ITU by the client.

We are able to support the whole process, from the initial Advance Publication filing, through the detailed Coordination Request filing and, at the end of the coordination process, the Notification and Administrative Due Diligence filings.

We have developed tracking tools and documentation to ensure that all critical regulatory dates are monitored and that the necessary regulatory filings are made on-time and within the regulatory deadlines.