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RPC Telecom has developed “Sat-Coord”, a software tool to support the satellite frequency coordination process under the ITU Radio Regulations. For further information, including how to obtain Sat-Coord, please visit our Sat-Coord website: http://sat-coord.com.

Satellite Network Frequency Coordination and Slot Protection

Making an ITU filing is only the start of the process for a satellite operator. Having made the filing it is then necessary to work through the formal coordination process, seeking agreement from the operators of all affected prior networks before putting the network into use, and at the same time protecting the filing from possible unacceptable interference from newer networks that are filed later.

RPC Telecom has significant expertise, and a global reputation, in supporting clients through all phases of this complex, and sometimes difficult, process.

Frequency Coordination

Satellite Network Frequency Coordination

RPC Telecom is very experienced in taking satellite network systems through the entire ITU coordination process leading to the bringing into use and on-going protection of the satellite network system and has performed this task for a number of clients including TONGASAT, HELLAS-SAT, THURAYA, YAHSAT, VINASAT and many others.

For satellite networks coordination is critically important as over-filing can mean that coordination constraints can make a network unusable. Satellite projects are increasingly driven not by financial, marketing and construction issues but by coordination considerations.